Extra Thick Yoga and Pilates Mat 0.5 inch

Brand: ProsourceFit

SKU: ps-2001-mat-red-ffp-PSF

Aqua Blue

Is your yoga or Pilates mat work tough on your joints? Reduce pain and perfect your poses with the extra thick yoga and Pilates mat. Made from high-density foam, the large 1/2-inch thick exercise mat is versatile for either practice, providing more cushion for your body so you can focus on your flow and balance, not your discomfort.

The extra-thick yoga and Pilates mat uses high-density foam for 1/2-inch thickness, great for use on hard floors. The extra-thick cushioning provides support for sensitive joints, compared to other, thinner mats, which sit closer to the floor. It’s colorful, non-slip surface allows for greater stability so you can flow between poses more easily, and high-quality material ensures durability. It even comes with a free yoga mat sling so you can easily and comfortably transport it to wherever you may want to get in a session.

  • Ideal for both Pilates and Yoga practices
  • 71"L x 24"W and 1/2" thickness ensures the most comfortable training session
  • Made of high-density foam guaranteeing high performance and durability
  • Low-maintenance due to its moisture-resistant nature
  • Non-slip surface allows for greater stability
  • Comes with a free and convenient yoga mat sling

Measurements: 71"L x 24"W x 1/2" Thick

Weight: 2.55 lb

Material: NBR Foam

Care: Wipe mat with wet cloth or sponge. Allow plenty of time to dry. Not machine washable.   

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