Buddy Lee Rope Master Jump Rope

Brand: Buddy Lee Jump Ropes


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Buddy Lee Rope Master Jump Rope

The Most Versatile of Jump Ropes! Buddy Lee’s Favorite Performance Rope. Featured in LA Times.


  • The patented Swivel Bearing System technically engineered for eliminating friction, drag, tangling, and allows smooth turning action in all directions.
  • Designed for high-intensity jump rope training, making it easy, effortless, and fun. It will make you feel like a pro and make you want to jump!
  • 9” Handles, made with high-density plastics, for better arm extension and Easy Execution of Arm Crosses, Side Swings, and other skills, involving Arm Extension.
  • Designed for Freestyle Jumping and Cross Training.
  • The innovative Adjustment System allows you to custom size the rope for your height in seconds.
  • Swivel Bearing Wrench specifically designed to secure and replace the bearings to maintain years of Hyperformance jumping.
  • Rope Cord and Swivel Bearings are Replaceable. Adjustable for people 6’5” and under.
  • Please see complete sizing, adjustment, and rope care instructions inside the rope card.
  • Approx 9’5″ PVC solid and aerodynamic rope cord, designed for Wood and Rubberized Surfaces.

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