Exercise Balance Pad 15" x 19"

Brand: ProsourceFit

SKU: ps-1039-bp-l-black-PSF

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Make any exercise more effective with the ProsourceFit Exercise Balance Pad.

The extra-large destabilized surface helps improve balance, body awareness while strengthening knees, ankles, and feet. Stand, kneel or sit on the pad to engage core muscles, creating a stronger core and more stable body. The non-slip fitness pad is textured and can be used for simple exercises or advanced.

Ideal for those new to fitness, going through physical therapy, or mature adults to enhance balance, it can also be used as a meditation pillow or be the perfect addition to make workouts more challenging during single-leg squats, single-leg deadlifts, and reverse lunges. The cushioned surface also strengthens joints and ankle stability, perfect for those recovering from feet or ankle injuries, as well as improving mobility and preventing future injuries.

The non-toxic TPE material is water and moisture resistant, making it easy to clean while preventing odor and bacteria build-up from sweat.

The 15"L x 19"W x 2.5"H extra-large balance mat provides a more solid destabilization surface, offering a greater variety of exercises and variations to train core strength for injury prevention, enhance athletic performance and stability training.

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