MiNi Spike Massage Roller 6"x3"

Brand: ProsourceFit

SKU: ps-2170-mini-roller-black-PSF

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The ProsourceFit Mini Spike Massage Roller makes foam rolling super convenient and easy at just 6-inches by 3-inches in size. The mini travel roller is perfect for smaller muscles or anywhere you need a pinpointed massage that large foam rollers just can't provide.

Easy to move around and manipulate, it can reach deeper for safe and effective relief of knots in calves, hip flexors, shoulders, feet, and lower back. Great for runners, weight lifters, or those in need of rehabilitation.

The firm but flexible spike design provides deeper self-myofascial release than smooth rollers, making it great for advanced users. The EVA foam-filled interior provides a solid structure for ongoing support and durability. Yet it's still super lightweight, making it an ideal travel companion that can be packed and stored just about anywhere.

Keep one in your desk at work, gym bag, or purse for fast pain relief when you need it. Perfect for women who wear heels all day to massage feet between meetings, and for anyone with tight calves and shins. Use to relieve deep trigger points that cause pain, reduce muscle tension, and increase blood flow. The targeted use will help you recover faster, stretch deeper, and increase range of motion so you can stay in tip-top shape wherever you go!

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