PowerNet Solo Soccer Trainer with Adjustable Waist (1148)

Brand: PowerNet

SKU: 1148-PWRN

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  • NO MORE CHASING - Ball stays close no matter how hard you kick it. Adjustable waistband fits almost anyone. With the strong flexible rubber attachment rope the ball will always be easy to collect, wasting less time chasing rolling balls.
  • JUGGLE, KICK OR THROW - Works great to practice juggling, kicking or throwing the ball. Low profile ball attachment straps minimize interference. Practice any type of kick, punt, throw in or Goalkeeper throw.
  • GOALIE TRAINER - Master your goalie skills, this trainer helps with passing and receiving. Need to work punts in a small space this Goalkeeper trainer is for you. Works great for controlling and receiving returned balls to the chest, feet or hands. Work on getting behind the ball because this ball is going to come right back to you.
  • SIZE 3, 4 OR 5 or Football - Low profile hook and loop closures keep any size ball secure with even the hardest kick. Fully adjustable.

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