XFit Loop Resistance Bands Set of 5

Brand: ProsourceFit

SKU: ps-1021-cfb-5-PSF

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Using Xfit Loop Resistance Bands is like having a workout partner whenever you need a little assistance as you work hard to progress. Learn a muscle-up or pull up faster, train for greater agility and endurance, and stretch in ways you couldn't otherwise. Power bands can be paired with common exercises to generate more resistance in workouts, enabling seasoned athletes to develop more muscle and strength. The closed-loop design is thin and lightweight, yet durable, and color coded for resistance levels from 10lbs all the way up to 150lbs. Whether you’re ready for a new challenge, or a newcomer to the gym, XFit Bands are sure to improve your fitness.  

Resistance Levels: Black-60 lb to 150 lb; Blue-50 lb to 120 lb; Red- 40 lb to 80 lb; Green- 30 lb to 50 lb; Yellow- 10 lb to 35 lb;

  • Perfect for total body workouts
  • Increases flexibility, strength, and agility
  • Provides assistance for pull ups, push-ups, and more
  • 5 bands with color-coded resistance levels

Measurements: 41”L; 3/16” Thick

Material: Latex

Care Instructions: Do not use soap or other cleaning products on bands, as it may damage and/or weaken bands. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean.

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