Workout & Yoga Clothes | High Waisted Leggings & Athletic Shorts for Women

Explore the Classics with Callisto

Classic designs are always a good idea. A sportswear brand that defines athleisure as well as street style trends while also creating activewear that's functional and performance-driven is a must-have in any closet. Basically, if you need some new workout clothes, make it Callisto.

Callisto helps you look good and perform at your best. And JupiterGear features the most desired workout pieces—styles with mesh details, reflective strips and woven textures in traditional colors that allow you to run, spin, or stretch your way into a healthier you.

These days, workout clothes for women are staples in everyone’s closet. Whether you're wearing leggings for yoga, running, or just heading out to brunch, what you wear should be comfortable, moisture-wicking, breathable, and durable. They should also fit well, stay in place, and look good while you're wearing them.

Thankfully, workout outfits for women have expanded to include many different options. There's a wide range of designs and styles, including leggings with pockets, high waisted yoga shorts, and crop tops with sleeves.

JupiterGear’s high waisted leggings are manufactured with comfort in mind, and will suit everybody and every workout, whether you're a cyclist, a gym enthusiast, or even an occasional exerciser. The material and construction make them ideal to wear everyday between errands and outings, as well as on the hiking trail or on the treadmill. Made from polyester and spandex, they are comfortable and stretchy. These high waisted leggings are squat proof with a sculpted fit that hugs you when you wear them with the perfect amount of support.

The fabric on these high waisted leggings feels soft, yet snug with a slightly compressive hold so they stay in position well during exercise. They are made with technology that is moisture- wicking to help evaporate sweat away from your skin quickly to keep you dry throughout workouts. The minimal seam stitching makes these workout leggings smoother and less restrictive.

If you’ve ever carried your cell phone on a run or dragged a gym bag around just to keep your keys and wallet within reach, you understand the struggle. That’s where JupiterGear’s leggings with pockets come in super handy. These super soft leggings feature pockets for storing your essentials, which makes them perfect for everything from a yoga session to a dog walk or a day at home. Gone are the days of searching the gym for your phone and digging through your bag for your cash. These leggings with pockets fit exactly what you need to make life and staying active that much easier.

Some styles have smaller side storage compartments, while others feature roomy hip pockets. Either way, these leggings with pockets look nothing like cargo pants. The style and fit of these leggings are flattering and the material, although soft and super comfy, holds its shape. Once you experience the convenience of them, you won't want to go back to your old yoga pants. As far as workout clothes for women go, they are indispensable!

When your full-length leggings become too toasty, JupiterGear’s high waisted yoga shortsare the perfect solution. Breathable and moisture-wicking, these high waisted athletic shorts fit closely, but aren’t so tight they constrict. The high waist means you can wear them without fear of them slipping down, even during your most advanced poses. You can grocery shop, drop your kids off at school, or just lounge around the house with these athletic shorts on.

These high waisted yoga shorts are made from polyester and spandex making them comfortable and flexible. The material is high-quality, squat proof, and soft. They flatter your curves, yet you can feel confident to bend, twist, and do pretty much anything in them without the fabric becoming transparent. The material is manufactured to recover from your stretching and turning. It is also odor resistant with antimicrobial technology, which diminishes odorcausing bacterial growth.

JupiterGear’s yoga shorts with pockets combine the best of both worlds: athletic shorts with pockets. These provide ample amounts of flexibility, so your movement never feels restricted, along with excellent compression, so you know they won’t roll down or move around while you are exercising. Featuring either smaller side or larger hip pockets, these workout shorts are perfect when you need to take your cell phone or debit card with you. With a streamlined style that fits most body types while looking great, the pair you choose will become your new go-tos.

When it comes to matching the perfect top with your high waisted leggings or yoga shorts with pockets, workout enthusiasts are opting for a crop top with sleeves. The proportions of a crop top are usually ideal with high waistlines, making this workout outfit for women a serious fashion plus. And crop tops are breathable, flexible, and comfortable. Whether you are strength training, doing yoga inversions, or running sprints, a workout crop top will keep you unexpectedly covered.

The crop tops with sleeves offered by JupiterGear are designed to manage sweat and keep you feeling cool. They are a flawless mix of style and function. Featuring a seamless performance blend to keep you in place during your most intense workouts as well as when you are lounging, these crop tops with sleeves are extremely lightweight with smooth and silky material that feels like a whisper against your skin. While you are jogging, doing Pilates, spinning, doing CrossFit, dancing, kickboxing, or circuit training, this figure-flattering workout top for women is a multipurpose staple you should have in your closet. Composed of polyester and spandex, it is a great option for any type of workout.

When it comes to exercise and living our best lives, workout clothes for women have come a long way. And because the workout outfits we wear can make or break the experience, it’s important to choose the right pieces. Whether you prefer high waisted leggings, crop tops with sleeves, or yoga shorts with pockets, the options are open to your style and needs. Regardless, your workout clothes should be comfortable and support your yoga practice, workout routine, and overall lifestyle.

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