Tactical & Military Style Backpacks | Waist, Sling and Gear Bags

Whether you're hunting, hiking, camping, or just commuting through a busy city, our line of tactical and military-style gear is sure to elevate your adventure. Our intuitive designs allow for easy access to gear and goodies without ever having to remove them. Molle webbing systems that are incorporated in our gear are ideal for attaching knives, flashlights, phones, water bottles, and other molle gear.

When you want tough, rugged tactical military gear that will take on practically any undertaking, there’s no substitute for high quality. From tactical waist bags to military style backpacks, JupiterGear provides gear with the features, style, and functionality that you expect so you’re ready to face any terrain.

JupiterGear’s military sling bags and tactical waist bags have become important pieces of gear to incorporate. Great for touring a city or on your regular running, biking, or hunting excursion, waist packs have a tactical approach to functionality and practicality when carrying all your necessities within arm’s reach is critical. Contrary to carrying a military style backpack, these smaller packs provide everything you need right at your fingertips, with lighter, easy-to-reach accessibility.

Made of nylon and mesh, which are the best materials for withstanding tough weather conditions and wear, tactical waist bags are sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight so you are never without your cell phone, multipurpose tools, keys, and any other essentials you may need. When you’re hiking or on the move, you can travel easily while keeping your hands free. Manufactured with quality and design in mind, these waist packs are very durable and sophisticated so you can feel confident when choosing the one that best suits your lifestyle.

The military sling bag is the perfect accessory to boost your performance. When a compact tactical bag is what you need in your life, and a waist pack isn’t enough, an all-purpose outdoor sling bag may work better for you. These super convenient tactical gear bags will help you to store and organize your necessities. On the outside these bags may look small, but inside they are roomy, with multiple compartments to store your most valuable items. Thanks to many useful pockets, pouches, straps, and other features, your cell phone, cash, keys, headphones, tools, and even snacks for the road can be all kept in one compact place, comfortably located within arm's reach. Durability, safety, design, capacity, and quality of the materials are the most indispensable details to consider when you are going to buy a military sling bag, and you can also choose from urban or sporty looks.

When you want to go a bit bigger, a military style backpack might be more your speed. Whether you’re looking for a tactical military backpack for the trail or an everyday all-purpose bag, the right backpack offers a seamless combination of lots of packing space, practical features, and all-over comfort.

JupiterGear’s military hiking backpack is a convenient carrier that’s been specially built to haul all your essential items with ease on your outdoor adventure. This backpack boasts durable construction that will take on any environment and keep you organized, thanks to multiple compartments, zip-up closures, mesh pockets, and front storage. More pockets and compartments that allow you to simply organize your gear are vital when you’re out in tough terrain and you need to know where every piece of your gear is at all moments so you can react quickly to any situation.

Even though typical tactical military backpacks are heavier than hiking backpacks, the military hiking backpacks we offer are as light as possible without compromising quality. Making sure your gear is lightweight diminishes the strain on your muscles and allows you to move faster. Using front-line materials which are lightweight but provide excellent durability and abrasion resistance, these backpacks feature padded, adjustable shoulder straps that relieve pressure on your shoulders while you’re carrying heavy loads. They can be easily modified to fit people of different shapes and sizes, and there is no limited backward arm movement.

As an added benefit, we also offer military Molle backpacks. MOLLE, which means Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, allows you to connect extra pouches and gear for amplified storage capacity. The MOLLE system consists of rows of durable nylon which are stitched to the main fabric. The webbing system is ideal for attaching knives, flashlight holsters, an interphone pouch, water bottle bag, and other MOLLE gear. Boasting ultra-durable construction and various attachments throughout, this MOLLE tactical backpack was built to withstand the wear and tear you’ll put it through while clocking in the miles, allowing you to keep your most precious items safe, organized, and protected from all types of weather.

And because you’re going the distance, we ensured your MOLLE tactical backpack is adaptable and comfortable. The heavy-duty straps help you bear the weight of your equipment, while the breathable mesh backing provides a comfortable feel in hotter weather. Secure this military MOLLE backpack to your back with an adjustable chest belt and hip belt clasp to alleviate some of the tension that you would otherwise experience. You’ll be ready for every pursuit with this tactical MOLLE backpack, whether it be a multi-day campaign trip or a day hike.

Finding the ideal accessory to carry your essentials and keep things organized is critical to success on your outdoor adventure. Our offerings of tactical gear bags can enhance your voyage and help you to take your day to the next level, whether it’s mountaineer expedition or a trip to the local gym.

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