Bella2Bello Armona Electric 3D Vibrating Scalp Head & Body Massager (White) 10386

Brand: Bella2Bello


Armona Electric Wireless Portable 3D Vibrating Scalp Head And Body Massager

The Armona Electric Head and Body Massager is designed to have 4 massage heads, 6 massage modes, and, with 84 touchpoints, it provides all-around head relaxation and stress relief. With adjustable speeds, the soft silicone nodes can comfortably massage your head. 360° 3D gentle-kneading massage helps you reduce stress and also provides trigger point treatment. The massager also provides shiatsu massage for whole-body relaxation. Its lightweight portable design allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere.


Dry/wet dual-purpose, IPX4 grade water resistance

Ultra-Light LED Screen

Massage mode indicator, charge indicator, and vibration indicator

6 Massage Methods

Stretch, Squeeze, Push, Pull, Rub, Grab - Professional spa massage simulator for head

Key Features

  • Water Resistant: Dry/wet dual-purpose, IPX4 grade water resistance.
  • Portable Wireless Design: Ergonomic grip and convenient to use.
  • Ultra-Light LED Screen: Massage mode indicator, charge indicator, and vibration indicator
  • Noise Quiet Technology: Upgraded motor for low noise.
  • 6 Massage Methods: Stretch, Squeeze, Push, Pull, Rub, Grab - Professional spa massage simulator for the head.
  • High-Performance Lithium Battery: Fast charging in 2 hours and long battery life.
  • Working Time Duration: 10 minutes timer
  • Dimensions: 110x110x140mm/4.3''x4.3''x5.5''
  • Weight: 0.4kg/0.9lbs


  • Facial Brush Massage Head: interchangeable soft brush for deep facial cleansing
  • 4 Modes Adjustment: High-frequency vibration for head relaxation and reducing stress
  • 84 Touch Points: 4 massage heads and 84 touchpoints for Powerful 3D Kneading Shiatsu Massage nodes can relax and relieve pains for full body
  • 6 Massage Methods: Real Masseur Simulator Professional Spa for Head
  • ABS +Silicone
  • Lithium battery 1200 mAh
  • Input USB 5V

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