Foldable Doorway Pull Up Bar

Brand: ProsourceFit

SKU: ps-1241-cu-eh-PSF

The ProsourceFit Foldable Doorway Pull-Up Bar provides a stress-free way to work out at home.

Unlike standard doorframe bars, this new design doesn't require screws, confusing assembly, or installation. Use straight out of the box and start strengthening your back, arms, shoulders, or abdominals.

Designed to slip on wider doorframes from 27" to 36.5", the Foldable Doorway Pull-Up Bar has hooks that easily flip open for easy installation. For taller fitness enthusiasts, this is a chin-up bar that finally solves bent knees or limited pull-up exercises. With protective stoppers, you can perform pull-ups, leg raises, or chin-ups without worrying about damaging the doorframe.

Made of steel and an ultra-strong carbon tube, the Foldable Doorway Pull-Up Bar is built to endure frequent use and can hold up to 440 lb! Even better, the completely folding design can be easily taken on and off the doorframe, storing perfectly in the closet, behind furniture, or under the bed.

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