Hand Grip for Forearm Muscularity and Hand Endurance

Brand: Maji Sports

SKU: SZ05Black-MAJ

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Hand Grip for Forearm Muscularity and Hand Endurance

Forearm Muscularity: Train your forearm flexors & extensors to develop impressive muscular forearms using this handgrip. Perfect for those people who have Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, and also great for musicians, athletes, golfers, rock climbers, and tennis players.

Hand Endurance: Using a handgrip can considerably increase the amount of strength your hands can apply for a longer time. A practical area for which this provides instant benefits is, for instance, when you are carrying things like suitcases or heavy bags.

Grip: Great for enhancing hand and finger grip strength, endurance & dexterity

Adjustable: Use the screw cap to easily adjust from 22.04 lbs - 88.18 lbs.

Easy to carry: Carry this compact handgrip anywhere in your pocket, gym bag, or your luggage while traveling.

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