ProsourceFit Knee Sleeve Purple

Brand: ProsourceFit

SKU: ps-2192-ks-purple-s-PSF


Is knee pain preventing you from lifting as heavy and frequently as you would like? Reduce discomfort and speed recovery time with Knee Sleeves for squats, CrossFit, and weightlifting. Get comfortable compression in colorful styles for both men and women.

Building a better body and gaining strength requires consistent workouts and heavyweights. If achy knees, old injuries, or discomfort are getting in the way of your gains, use Knee Sleeves to ease your pain. Comfortable material provides compression to support your muscles and joints while reducing pain and swelling. The increased blood circulation and warmth generated keeps your knees mobile and speeds recovery time, and can provide relief for users with arthritis. Sleeves help prevent injuries by assisting with maintaining proper form and alignment while performing squats, clean and jerks, and lunges without limiting your movement. Comes in two fun styles designed for men (black/beige with camo interior) and women (black/purple with zebra interior). Great for intermediate and advanced users to improve overall athletic performance.

  • Reduces knee pain and prevents injuries
  • Compression sleeves reduce swelling and speed recovery
  • Assists with proper alignment and form
  • Warms joints for easier movement
  • Comes in 3 size options (see specs for details)

Circumference (inches): Small (13-13.8) Medium (13.8-14.6) Large (14.6-15.7)

Note: Measure knee circumference with the knee bent at a 30-degree angle

Material: Nylon jersey

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