Laser Engraved Cork Yoga Block & Strap Combo

Brand: Maji Sports


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Laser Engraved Cork Block & Strap Combo

An absolute combination that you need for all kinds of Yoga Practices

Easy to Use Yoga Straps: Can be used during Pilates, yoga, or just for gaining more flexibility. If you want to challenge yourself for more advanced-level stretches, deepen your current practice further or stabilize a yoga pose, these yoga straps will help you achieve your desired goal.

Laser Engraved & Eco-Friendly Cork Block: Our Yoga block is made of 100% Cork making it eco-friendly and lightweight with a soft & easy-grip texture. These Yoga blocks are laser-engraved with two beautiful designs on the top.

Build Flexibility & Endurance with Greater Control: This bundle with yoga strap & block will help you stabilize your yoga poses and help you stretch with better control. Good form is one of the most essential aspects of any exercise. Increased stability will help you achieve the better form needed to improve endurance and flexibility.

Multi-Purpose: Helpful in the dynamic warm-up before yoga, other sports, and daily stretching routine. A yoga strap is a great tool for physical therapy, recovery, rehabilitation, and enhancing overall flexibility. Yoga straps are great for runners, yoga enthusiasts, ballet dancers, or any other athletic people.

Easy to Use & Easy to Carry: Both the products are easy to use and small enough to carry around in a small bag for your convenience.

What Do You Get: 1 pc yoga strap, 1 pc Laser Engraved Cork Block.

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