Olympic Barbell Spring Clip Collar

Brand: ProsourceFit

SKU: ps-1229-bsc-PSF

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Stay safe when you squat, snatch and strength-train with high-quality steel Olympic Barbell Spring Clip Collars. The secure fit will keep your plates in place so you can focus on proper form and building muscle, ideal for powerlifting and CrossFit. A simple design with comfortable, easy-to-grip handles help you slide the collars on and off of 2” bars smoothly for no-fuss training. 

The Barbell Spring Clip Collars are a simple solution to sliding weights. The high-quality steel collar fits snugly around standard 2-inch barbell sleeves, ensuring a tough grip to keep your plates securely on the bar, especially as you add more weight. Don’t worry about plates moving or falling when you’re pressing the bar overhead or trying to maintain balance during a heavy squat. The removable plastic handles are easy to grip, even during sweaty workouts, and make it simple to slide the clips on to safely perform exercises like cleans, snatches, and squats. A must-have for serious powerlifters and CrossFitters, these reliable weight lifting collars are sold in pairs.

  • Fits 2-inch Olympic barbells
  • Lightweight, durable steel for heavy use
  • Comfortable, easy-grip design
  • Comes in a set of 2

Weight: 7.8 oz per unit

Material: Chromed steel collars, plastic handles

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