PowerNet 10x7 Ft Golf Net (1016)

Brand: PowerNet

SKU: 1016-PWRN

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  • EASY QUICK SETUP / ULTRA PORTABLE - New and Improved 2019 Design. Net sets up in less than 2 minutes with no tools required. Includes ground stakes for added stability. Nets can withstand even the hardest drives or hits. Use with regular or practice balls. Collapsible training nets assemble quickly and easily for easy setup. Lightweight and easy to move to different locations during practice sessions. Breaks down to fit in carrying bag for easy long-term storage and portability in any vehicle.
  • NO MORE CHASING - Ball stays close no matter how hard you drive or hit them. Designed to collect and return the balls back to you once hit into net. Waste less time chasing rolling balls.
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK - Provides immediate feedback on direction of a drive or chip. Hit a ball correctly and you'll get immediate positive feedback. Mishits can also be clearly seen but are easily collected. Work to make slight adjustments which you can see, perfect your swing.
  • TRAIN SOLO OR TEAM TRAINING - Perfect training tool to practice by yourself. This net will help you practice your drives, hits or chips anytime you want to practice solo at home or any training space. Works great for team practices. Creates a hitting space when none is available. Easy to setup. Sets up in minutes.

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