PowerNet 12-Pack Micro Crushers Limited Flight Training Baseballs (1133-1)

Brand: PowerNet

SKU: 1133-1-PWRN

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  • ULTRA DURABLE - These micro crusher training balls can take the abuse of multiple seasons. Designed with durable components, the flexible plastic surface compresses on impact when hit then pops back into shape immediately.
  • LIMITED FLIGHT - These vibrant yellow crushers are ideal for eye focus coordination. Perfect for allowing you to fine-tune your swing accuracy, speed, and power. The built-in holes minimize flight, these balls were designed to act true to flight path but minimize distance when hit.
  • EYE-HAND COORDINATION - The smaller size of the Micro Crushers forces the eyes to work better. Try pairing them with a PowerNet Sweet Spot Bat!
  • GREAT FOR ANY COACH - Every coach needs a set of these in his or her training arsenal. Micro Crushers are great for keeping coaches safe. The flexible shell flexes on impact reducing the need for batting screens during batting practice.
  • USED & ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS - Andrelton Simmons and Mo Mercado.

PowerNet Micro Crushers keep their shape and will never break or crack. 12 Pack includes carry bag. Made of ultra-durable plastic with flight-reducing hole pattern built-in.

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