2.8" Weighted Hitting Batting Progressive Training Balls for Baseball (9 Pack)

Brand: PowerNet

SKU: 1004-123-PWRN

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PowerNet 2.8" Weighted Hitting Batting Progressive Training Balls (9 Pack) | Build Strength and Muscle | Improve Technique and Form | Baseball Size | Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Progressive weight training for your swing.
  • Improve power and contact rate at the plate with our system.
  • Work hitting or throwing reps with the lightest ball, then step up to the next weight as your swing gains speed and power through the ball. Finish with the heaviest ball for maximum gains!
  • Ball Size: 2.8" Ball size for Baseball
  • Available Variations:
    • LITE PACK: 3 Balls each: 12, 14, and 16 Ounces
    • PRO PACK: 3 Balls each: 16, 18, and 20 Ounces


  • BUILD PROPER TECHNIQUE - PowerNet's progressive weight system builds on technique development. Start with the light ball and increase weight and resistance to the heavy ball. The Weighted Training Balls make sure that you are building the proper follow through on your batting and throwing technique. Use for both batting and throwing technique development for the hardest hits and throws.
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK - Easily see how proper hits and mishits change the distance and trajectory of the ball. Correct form mid-drill.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE - Durable thick, pliable plastic cover is designed for years of hard hits and throws.
  • BUILD POWER - Develop muscle groups specific to batter and pitcher movements. Strengthen your swings and throws. Build power while warming up, dual-purpose workout.
  • USED & ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS - German Marquez and Andrelton Simmons.

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