PowerNet Hanging Bat Bag Caddy for Hanging up to 12 Bats on Fence (1169)

Brand: PowerNet


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  • TEAM ORGANIZER - The PowerNet Hanging Bat Bag keeps the dugout free from bats dangerously rolling out onto the floor. Each player can have their own slot which makes getting through the batting order so much easier. Five included accessory pouches can fit team equipment such as eye-black or tape to help keep the clutter down. Pockets are the perfect size to keep warm up balls close between innings or a great holder for the coach's keys, phone, wallet. Perfect for those dugouts with no bat rack.
  • MESH PANELS - Allows each bat to be easily identified at a glance. Mesh also allows for any residual clay or dirt to filter out of the bottom of the holder.
  • EASY TO HANG - Three robust J-Hooks attach to any chain link fence found in most dugouts. Hooks a
  • EASY TO TRANSFER - After the game, the bag rolls up to a compact size for easy storage in most gear bags or ball buckets. Buckle closure and generous carry straps keeps things secure and ready for action.

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