PowerNet Perfect Fielder Training Aid for Baseball and Softball 2-Pack (1175)

Brand: PowerNet

SKU: 1175-PWRN

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  • BECOME A BETTER FIELDER; Teaches the fundamental soft hands when fielding a ground ball; Training aid for showing kids the right way to field from the start; For high school and advanced players; The Perfect Fielder can highlight flaws for improvement; Great for teaching mechanics to all ages
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE; Flat lightweight foam material with elastic finger grip inserts hold the form to sustain the impact of multiple training sessions; Pancake design requires the player to get in front of the ball when receiving; Easily fit the training tool in your baseball or softball equipment bag to train anywhere; Warm up right before a game or scrimmage
  • ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS; Develop proper fielding mechanics to build the right muscle memory to perfect your game; Advanced players can work to minimize fielding errors; Take it to the field train indoors outdoors or simply work on using two hands in your backyard to be ready when switching from the pad to leather gloves
  • INFIELD DRILLS; Grab a partner and each player puts on one of these mitts to practice improving quick reaction; Stand in front of each other and work on your throwing hand and catching drills to maximize training time and improve quickness; Great fielding trainer for all positions including catcher. Good tool for players focusing on turning double plays
  • PRO PLAYER ENDORSED; Used by Professional Baseball Player Andrelton Simmons

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