PowerNet Qwik-Flite Practice Golf Balls 12 Pack

Brand: PowerNet

SKU: 1133-G-PWRN

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PowerNet Qwik-Flite Practice Golf Balls | Limited Flight Perfect for Backyard Training | Dent Proof | True Flight Path | High Visibility | 12 Pack

Model: 1133-G-PWRN

PowerNet Qwik-Flite Practice Golf Balls are slightly larger than a standard golf ball for better visibility when practicing in your own yard. They're designed to simulate flight path of a real golf ball in small spaces. For beginners, it's a perfect progression into hitting smaller, tougher regulation balls. It's unique features limit flight range for anytime fun or training.


  • DURABLE - Unbreakable, rubberized construction for longer life.
  • EFFICIENCY - Limited flight equals more training in less space.
  • FEEDBACK - Thicker with more weight than foam or plastic balls for better feedback.
  • CONVENIENCE - Set up your own training sessions anywhere!

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