PowerNet Reaction Balls for Improving Reflexes 2-Pack (1176)

Brand: PowerNet

SKU: 1176-PWRN

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  • REFLEX BUILDER AND INSTANT FEEDBACK; The six-sided PowerNet Reaction Balls improve your reflexes and footwork with random bounces; Practice catching bad hops; Pick up the pace and develop reaction skills to track unexpected flight paths
  • LARGE SIZE; The larger ball in action has slight movement and is slower than the smaller sized reaction ball; The bigger size produces a bounce that is easier to predict than the Small Ball; This training tool is great for beginners as it is large enough to start training the eye to begin tracking the flight path
  • FUN WHILE TRAINING; Challenge yourself and friends to see who has the best reaction time while improving your skills; Work on your fielding mechanics with a partner at team practice; Create your own games while working on your craft or use the reaction balls to keep your dog alert and exercising
  • MULTISPORT FOR SOLO AND TEAM TRAINING; Perfect for baseball softball boxing and any sport that requires speed control and tracking; Eliminate being flat-footed and stay ready on your toes tracking the random bounce ball; Bounce off of a rebounder or wall to train without a partner
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE; This training tool is designed with durable rubber to allow you to train anywhere; Great to pop up on all hard surfaces to master technique in drills; Built to last the abuse of many training sessions; Transport anywhere; Fits in your equipment bag without taking up space; Perfect for agility training

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