PowerNet SweetSpot Bat for Improved Hand-Eye Coordination (108789PRNT-PWRN)

Brand: PowerNet

SKU: 1087-PWRN

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  • IMPROVED HAND-EYE COORDINATION – Learn to hit on the sweet spot with any game or weighted ball. Available in 3 size/weight combinations. 2” diameter by 5” red wide sweet spot area on a slim 1.5” white barrel.
  • SWEET SPOT - Focus on batting technique with this training bat. This bat forces the player to focus on proper batting technique and hit location. Learn to make solid contact at the plate.
  • IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK - The bat gives immediate physical and audible feedback when the ball is hit on or off the sweet spot of the bat.
  • BALANCED WEIGHTED BARREL - The Sweet Spot Bat is designed with extra weight built in to help strengthen the muscle group used while batting. Strengthens your swing and will help add distance and power to your hits.
  • USED & ENDORSED BY PRO PLAYERS - Andrelton Simmons, Jose Martinez and Kelly Kretschman.

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