Single Stackable Resistance Band


Resistance Bands provide a full-body workout in one convenient, safe, and easy to use piece of fitness equipment. Available in varying resistance levels, fitness bands allow you to work from different angles to involve more muscle groups, with a greater range of motion than with traditional weight machine exercises.

The colors indicate progressive resistance levels, ranging from two to 50 pounds, making them an excellent tool for any level of fitness. Each resistance tube is 48 inches long and lightweight, and the flexible design improves strength, balance and coordination. Large, cushioned foam handles provide a comfortable fit and grip, and a door anchor makes it possible to perform exercises anywhere! It\\'s the complete package for people trying to stay fit and healthy while on the run. Resistance Levels . Green- 5 to 8 pounds . Red- 8 to 12 pounds . Blue- 12 to 16 pounds . Black- 16 to 20 pounds . Purple- 20 to 30 pounds . Navy- 30 to 40 pounds . Brown- 40 to 50 pounds

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