WOW Sports 12ft Dots Spray Pad

Brand: WOW Watersports

SKU: 23-WSM-4643-WOW

WOW Sports 12ft Dots Spray Pad

Want a totally fun and unique water experience that the kids and their friends will love? Meet our Polka Dot Spray Pad water inflatable! WOW made this 12-foot water toy to help kids cool off and play their hearts out. There's an inflatable rim that helps keep water pooled in the base, and it connects to a standard garden hose that sprays water every which way. The best part? Even parents love getting in on the fun, making this water pad truly memorable for all ages.

Product Features:

  • Octagon Shaped
  • Inflatable rim around the edge to keep water in the base
  • 12 feet wide
  • Connect to a standard garden hose
  • Spray points throughout the pad

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