WOW Sports Blue Chevron Water Walkway

Brand: WOW Watersports

SKU: 23-WIL-4754-WOW

WOW Sports Blue Chevron Water Walkway

Our Inflatable Floating Walkway in Blue Chevron provides the ultimate summer water fun. The versatile design means you can use this large water float for many purposes, whether it's creating a walkway between two boats or lounging out on the lake. The connecting zipper system means you can connect multiple floats together to make a mega-pad for all your friends and family to soak up the sun together. Grommets on each end tie to a boat safely and securely. The heavy-duty PVC construction, combined with vertical I-beams, means this floating mat pad provides full support for up to six adults who want to play, party, or simply relax and enjoy life.

Product Features:

  • Blue chevron design
  • Inflatable floating walkway
  • Holds up to 6 adults

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