WOW Sports Rocket Pool Slide with Built-In Sprinklers

Brand: WOW Watersports

SKU: 22-WSL-3892-WOW

WOW Sports Rocket Pool Slide with Built-In Sprinklers

Blast off into the water in style with this heavy-duty slide that has allll the bells and whistles. The super slick PVC slide has inflated side rails for extra security on your way down, and a slide bumper for easy entry when you hit the water. Bring it along to the pool, or the dock, or break it out for your next backyard party. There are even built-in sprinklers to give you a little extra rocket fuel while you slide off — just connect it to any standard garden hose. Includes a one-year warranty.

Product Features:

  • BLAST OFF: This heavy-duty slide has alllll the bells and whistles for the pool, dock, or backyard.
  • BUILT-IN SPRINKLERS: Connect it to any standard garden hose for extra rocket fuel on your way down the super slick PVC slide.
  • ROCKET FAST SETUP: Large-speed valves make inflation faster than the speed of light (okay not really, but it's pretty quick).
  • One year warranty
  • DIMENSIONS (INFLATED): 95 x 67 x 36.5 in

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