WOW Sports Wiggler Sprinkler Slide

Brand: WOW Watersports

SKU: 23-WSL-4811-WOW

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WOW Sports Wiggler Sprinkler Slide

The Wiggle Sprinkler Slide is an inflatable water slide that brings loads of summer fun. The wiggle feature in the middle adds movement for a unique ride. Simply blow it up, hook up the garden hose, and use the plastic handles to move this sprinkler slide and place it wherever you want. Then, slide down for hours of fun! The built-in soaker sprinkler adds continuous water to the slide, making it fast, free-spirited, and fun as you slide down. The bumper on this inflatable water slide ensures a soft landing at the bottom, and the guard rails on either side keep you safe. No matter where you put it, this blow-up slide is guaranteed to bring you endless fun.

Product Features:

  • Super-slick PVC sliding surface with inflated side rails
  • Connects easily to any standard garden hose
  • Heavy-duty molded handles for easy boarding
  • Large Inflation valves for fast setup
  • Added feature of a 'wiggle' bump in the middle

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