WOW Sports WOW Float (13-2010)

Brand: WOW Watersports

SKU: 13-2010-WOW

WOW is always trying to do something different, even when it comes to your standard pool float. The WOW pool float comes with a built-in pillow and body hugging side chamber. The open coil construction allows the water to massage your back while you relax in your favorite body of water. This float is lightweight and durable. When deflated it is small enough to fit in your purse or handbag, but when inflated it is large enough to be used by anyone up to 250lbs and 75″ tall.


  • 1 person float great for your favorite body of water
  • 3 Chambers
  • Built-in pillow and body hugging side chambers
  • Open coil construction
  • Inflated size 75×31″

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