Wooden Speed Jump Rope

Brand: ProsourceFit

SKU: ps-1210-jr-wood-PSF

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Jumping rope is an excellent form of cardio and endurance training for beginners and advanced athletes alike. It can also be very challenging - but there’s a way to make it easier! Try a speed jump rope, made super lightweight with durable wire for easy turning, and wooden handles for a solid grip.

The Speed Jump Rope uses high quality, durable wire cable that makes speed jumping easy due to its flexibility and resistance to twisting and tangling. It provides smooth rotation needed for specific jumping techniques for CrossFit, boxing, and experienced athletes. It’s also a great form of cardio exercise for any fitness level, with 6-inch long, lightweight wooden handles that provide traction and slip-resistance for sweaty palms. The cable is adjustable for your height, simply cut and adjust the screws on the handle accordingly. Compact and easy to carry, it makes a great travel companion.

  • Improves agility, total body conditioning, and coordination
  • Ideal for single-leg jumps, sprinting, double under, and crossovers
  • Effective calorie burner with lightweight, ergonomic 6” wooden handles
  • One size fits all - 2 oz. durable wire rope is fully adjustable up to 10ft
  • Must have rope for athletes of all levels including CrossFit, boxing, MMA, and more

Measurements: Adjustable up to 10 ft.

Wire Weight: 2 oz.

Material: Wooden handles; Vinyl-coated steel rope

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